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its aircraft that conne▓ct China and North America, and 90 percent of its long-haul international flights, offer Wi-Fi now.Domestically, in-▓flight Wi-Fi is available on 180 major routes of China Eastern, including most of its flights between Beijin

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g and Shanghai.Some domestic airlines ha▓ve begun to offer free and unlimited Wi-F▓i usage for passengers, mostly on their wide-body aircraft, and they have a limited number of connections for their economy-class passengers. Those who would like to use i▓n-flight Wi-Fi may apply online beforehand. If there are still

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vacancies available after takeoff, passengers can▓ register during the flights.Guangzhou-based China S▓outhern Airlines, the largest airline by fleet size in Asia and the third biggest worldwide,▓ said first-and business-class passengers don't need t

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o apply beforehand, and they will be able to use complimentary Wi-Fi services.Industry reports said it costs about 7 million yuan ($

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